26 sep. 2014

Stockholm Photo Marathon 2014, my 24 photos

Stockholm Photo Marathon: 24 hours, 24 themes, 24 photos.

I posted some bonus photos already, here are the 24 I entered in the competition. Which I didn't win.

Theme #1: Stockholm Photo Marathon

Theme #2: Made by hand

Theme #3: We all start as kids

Theme #4: Haircut/Concubine

Theme #5: "Lagom"

Theme #6: Summer love

Theme #7: Ocean

Theme #8: Teenager in town

Theme #9: Party

Theme #10: Queer

Theme #11: In the backseat

Theme #12: The shady side

Theme #13: Enlightened

Theme #14: Better late than never

Theme #15: Dude

Theme #16: Spaceship

Theme #17: Work

Theme #18: In the periphery

Theme #19: What time is it?

Theme #20: On the move

Theme #21: Meeting point

Theme #22: Old & new

Theme #23: "Slussen"

Theme #24: My participation number

16 sep. 2014

Photowalk: Södertälje

When I was growing up the closest town was Södertälje, so for many years it and not Stockholm was The Town for me. Since I moved back to Sweden in 2003 I think I've only been there three times. (Not counting my grandmother's funeral, I was only at the cemetery at the edge of town then.)

Anyway, today I had to see a doctor there (I'm fine) and brought the camera. So here's my childhood's Town through my grown-up(-ish) eyes—

Bonus: I noticed this flower on the side of the platform when I got off the train at home—