25 jan. 2014

The dumbest damn idea

My friend Johan Wendt has written a book named Den dummaste jävla idé jag någonsin hörtThe dumbest damn idea I ever heardabout Mattecentrum, his non-profit organization that offers free math tutoring. This week I was at the release party to support him and take pictures for his publisher Bokförlaget Langenskiöld. Here are some of those pictures.

Look at them first, then there's a link for you at the bottom.

That's all. Now click here to get the book.

12 jan. 2014

1st snow photowalk

Tumba -- Somedays it takes 4 minutes to get there by train.Today I did it in 3 hours by photowalk.

11 jan. 2014

Swedish National Cosplay Championships

I was only at the MY 2014 fair to photograph gamers, but got a lot more. A friend told me about the Swedish Cosplay Championships so I flashed the press pass and got in to take these pictures. Thanks to the organizers for a great event.

Hosts Debbie Lane and Kim Synnerborn introducing the jury's chairperson.

1. Annelie Andersson as Aeon from Castlevania: Judment 

2. Martina "Marsii" Edsman as Female Monk from Diablo 3

3. Josefin "Tennyo" Slorafoss as Norn Necromancer from Guild Wars 2

4. Frida "sundancekiid" Svanberg as Yoshiwara Shiro from Adekan

5. Cecilia "Figgarow" Frankenberg as Sora from Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance

6. Sabina "The Sabi" Mangal as Little Liberator Marron from Cardfight!! Vanguard

Kim taking a break from hosting to help sweep up Sabina's confetti.

7. Linn "Mayo-chan" Eriksson as Lightning from Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII
Linn said she'd been all serious at Nationals last year, so she let loose this time by dancing to Greased Lightning.

Kim doing a little cosplay of his own, Lightning's squire.

8. Rebecka "Darkesttears" Hammare as Riftwalker from Heroes of Newerth

9. Miranda "Tiddeli" Fondin as Medusa from Pet Shop of Horrors

While the jury deliberated, Kim shared some news about next year's Nationals and announcing that thanks to a new qualifiation structure my friend Henrik Pilerud will be competing.

The jury, competitors and assistants waiting for results to be revealed.

And the winner is... Martina Edsman!

1st runner-up: Linn Eriksson
3rd place: Josefin Slorafoss
4th place: Miranda Fondin

(Original images and commercial licensing available upon request.)