28 apr. 2014

South Africa, March 2014

A selection of photos from recent trip to South Africa. I went there for a wedding, then stayed and just enjoyed life for a few weeks. I hope you enjoy the photos.

Part 1: Arriving in Cape Town

Sunrise over Africa from BA43, 33.000 feet in the air.

It feels like coming home.

Lauren Beukes was going to be away from Cape Town the whole time I was around so she left a copy of her Zoo City for me at The Book Lounge before she left.

Doing the tourist thing at Rhodes Memorial while waiting for lunch to be served.

Part 2: The wedding

We drove up to Hermon, a one-street town and a train station.

I don't know who she is, she just asked me to take a picture of her.

The fish wasn't biting, but fishing isn't always about catching something.

It might look like just another picture of a lake and mountains and the moon. To me it's that and a lot of sweet memories of a wonderful party.

Ladies and gentlemen; the bride and groom.

Part 3: Western Cape

Driving into Noordhoek

My home away from home: Goose Green Lodge

Noordhoek (means "North Corner") is just south of Silvermine, a part of Table Mountain National Park that stretches from Cape Town all the way to Cape Point. Just a quick drive up Ou Kaapse Weg and then this great network of very well kept hiking trails through a varied flora and with some camera-shy wildlife.

Do you see that shipwreck on the beack? Here it is up close

Cape Point...

...and Cape of Good Hope

"Rock Hyrax" is a cool name, but look at it and tell me "dassie" doesn't convey the cuteness so much better?

More cuteness, at the Boulder african penguin colony.

Random encounter: The Police are using armored trucks. Should I feel safe?

Somerset West isn't all vineyards, there's also Monkey Town.

And Monkey Town has more than monkeys.

"We're getting out of here!"

Paragliders in Sir Lowry's Pass.

Random encounter: The beach in St. James.

There are seals in Hout Bay.

Lots of seals.

"Then don't take a left."

Part 4: The End of Africa

On the way to Cape Agulhas.

One foot in each ocean.

This is it. Nothing but water between here and Antarctica.

Part 5: Inverdoorn


Inverdoorn is a private game reserve with a cheetah conservation program. A perfect place to spend my last few nights in Africa.

Of course they have other animals too, such as giraffe




...and hippo
(if you have the patience to wait for them to show more than their nostrils, eyes and ears.)

Well protected flowers of the sweet thorn, acacia karroo.

One last sunrise