28 dec. 2013

More rain, 2013-12-28

I was missing one thing in my camera bag today: A cloth to wipe rain of the lens. Only got one good picture with each lens, before they got wet --

On the path between Tullinge and Glömstavägen.

The horse pastures along the road from Gamla Stockholmsvägen to Kungens Kurva.

26 dec. 2013

Tumba, 2013-12-26

I don't know what it is about barbed wire, I just can't get enough of photographing it.

This gate has been broken forever and every time I walk past it I think 'I must get this before they fix it.' Today I finally did.

I should have brought an action figure that could sit and enjoy the view.

A whole field of frozen greens, and in the middle of it: This.

I know what's on the other side but I won't show you.


This is what's living in my parent's basement.

25 dec. 2013

A photoblog?

People keep asking if I have a blog for my photos and soon I might, right here at davirasm.blogspot.com.

Here's a first picture for you, probably the only one you'll see where I'm in front of the camera:

I license my photos under a Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. That means you can do almost anything you want with them as long as you include a link back here and don't make any money off it. Commercial licensing is available upon request.