6 juli 2015

Photo Marathon: People's Choice

In august last year I participated in the Stockholm Photo Marathon, and now one of my 24 photos has been shortlisted for their People's Choice competition. The winners will be used in promoting this year's marathon on August 15-16.

The rules are simple: The photo that gets the most Likes on Facebook wins, so if you have a second to spare, please click here and like it.

5 juli 2015

My 5 castaways

Over the past few weeks, members of 100% Stuck in Plastic have been listing their 5 favorite minifigures. Shelly took it one step further and asked, which 5 would you choose if you would be stranded on a desert island?

Like most toy photograpers, lack of models is never a problem for me. Quite the opposite, really: With so many to choose from that great ones often get forgotten. But a great minifigure is one thing, one with a history is something else. And if I'm gonna be stuck with these guys until we're found by a passing cruise ship, it's good to know them well.

So here they are: My 5 castaways—

The driver in set #8402

My first LEGO travel buddy. We met in Copenhagen in 2009 and if the island adventure will by my last it's only fitting that he be there with me.

Rebel Commando

The LEGO interpretation of my favorite Kenner figure when I was a kid. Great design and colors, and I really like documenting him exploring forests. (Let's hope the island has some.)


I wasn't a fan of the Chima theme until i met Furty. In my opinion one of the best minifigs ever! I don't know why LEGO gave her the sai. She 's got fangs, right? Shouldn't need a melee weapon. Maybe she's got Raphael posters on her wall at home. Anyway, something ranged like a batarang would be more useful on the island.


A must-have when first released in 2001, and I've collected a few through the years. The one that gets to go to the island comes from a polybag I got at BR Leksaker. They had a whole box of them behind the counter and when I asked how to get one they didn't know if there were any rules to it and just gave it to me. Head and hair are of course extras, but can't have her wearing the bucket all the time.

Futuron Space Explorer

The whole Futuron space theme is one of my favorites ever, and though I don't photograph them often, one of them really has to come on this adventure. With some extra toys to share with his friends I think I'll be able to keep myself busy until we're rescued.