2 dec. 2014

SSFGFC Stockholm 2014

The Scandinavian Sci-Fi, Game & Film Convention. It used to be called "the Swedish ComicCon" and even though we had a show named ComicCon this year the SSFGCF still feels a lot more like what I think ComicCon should be than the other one managed.

I've been here every year for a lot of years now and even though it felt like attendence was down it had one of the best line-up of guests and exhibitors ever. I only missed the movie companies, but they didn't show up at ComicCon either so I don't know what they're thinking.

Anyway, here are a selection of my pictures from the show—

Comics Heaven was there.

Batman was there.

Nordic Garrison and Nordic Base were there.

And Dragon's Lair was there.

More Star Wars:

Other cosplay:

Other other:

3 nov. 2014

Comic Con Gamex Stockholm 2014

The theme for Comic Con Stockholm (powered by MCM) / Gamex 2014 is Colliding Worlds; Comics one one side, digital games on the other, and of course I couldn't resist the chance to see what happened when they got a chance to really mix.

In short: Lots of awesome stuff in one place, and the Comic Con side of it got steamrolled by Sony PlayStation, Xbox, Ubisoft and other digital games giants. The digital games were the obvious centerpiece of the show and everything else was sidelined, literally. There were some boardgames and trading card games too, but in a lounge area with no one to introduce visitors or demo the games.

On one side it's good that they can pay for shows like this to happen and let their fans be exposed to the classic arts (i.e. comic books). On the other side they don't show much respect to the Comic Con brand and original fan base. I've seen this discussion in the US too, around San Diego Comic Con, where people who couldn't care less for comics queue for hours for a panel on some new, hot TV show and don't even know what the show used to be about.

At least in US super hero movies are feeding back to their origins, but here in Stockholm neither Marvel nor DC showed up. I would have liked to see a Guardians of the Galaxy combined movie-plus-comics stand front and center instead of yet another first person shooter computer game that everyone must play now and will have forgotten by Christmas.

I hope adding Comic Con to Gamex will increase the interest in comics and we'll see more of them at Comic Con Stockholm 2015. It would be great if everyone who visited the comic retailers at their stands this weekend keep going to the regular shops once a month or so. Shops like Comics Heaven.

But this isn't an opinion blog. Here are the photos—