30 aug. 2014

Photowalk: Uttran Art Walk '14

One weekend every year artists living around where I grew up have open exhibits in their homes. It's called The Uttran Art Walk, Uttrans Konstrunda, and I enjoy going back every year to visit old neighbors and meet new people who've moved in since I left.

While I was out there I also took some LEGO minifigures into the woods and let them play.

Enough with the text, now here are the photos—

First: Take bus 715 from Tumba train station to Strandvägen in Uttran

Next: Follow the signs

That little frog by Erik Andersson would look great on my wall

One of Martina Unnerståle's many girls

70 years old and he's lived his whole life in Uttran

Car cloning experiments are going well

"Does not breathe"



Logray and apples

Another little experiment

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