9 jan. 2014

MY 2014 (Not *my* 2014)

This past weekend there was a youth fair named MY 2014 in Stockholm, with exhibitors focused on Culture, Future, Lifestyle and Sports. They were kind enough to let me and my camera in to look around --

I got there at 1PM and waited outside for a while in case there'd be more people coming in, but this is the most action I got

Everything Star Wars-y I could find.

One of many opportunities for taking pictures of people taking pictures.

Dragon’s Lair game club volunteers taught people to play Magic: The Gathering all weekend long.

It could have been a gauntlet past eager exhibitors. Instead the main hall offered visitors a leisurely stroll down this fake grass path.

Sverok, the Swedish gaming hobby association, offered board games, trading card games and miniature games, plus LARP accessory crafting and a chance to hang out with some really nice gamers.

My gamer friend Agnes knows how to accessorize.

Pandas are usually the ones being put on display, but not today. Today this panda came out to watch a Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament.

I keep hearing about roller derby but still have no idea what it’s about.

Just after I took this someone closed the door so they “wouldn’t bother anyone”. Very considerate, but not the best marketing for whatever band was playing.

The Magic: The Gathering tournament organizers had brought in commentator Rich Hagon to host their webcast.

Best t-shirt of the whole fair. Bonus points for the hoodie.

Lights off, headphones on, no school tomorrow morning. 

Finally some comic book cosplay!

Pikachu would never bite.

The last picture of the day: A man from Norrland rolling away on his MonoWheel, heading for new adventures.

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