2 okt. 2014

Dolphins vs. Raiders – London 2014

On 28 September the NFL International Series brought the Oakland Raiders and Miami Dolphins to London and my Raider fan friend Kevin was coming over from Atlanta to watch the game, so I went over to spend a few days with him and the Raider Nation. Here is that week in photos—

1st day: Golden Tours #203. 1st stop: Windsor Castle.

The queen has a decent view of her lands. I won't even bother showing the view from my balcony.

2nd stop: Stonehenge.

Best mobile home I ever saw!

The rocks some people moved there 5000 years ago are huge.

3rd stop: Bath.

Angels ascending the Abbey.

Back in London, by night.

Obstructed by construction work on Liverpool Street. "The Post Office regrets any inconvenience caused by the closure of this box."

The most Londony photo I got.

I always find a reason to take the tube to or from Westminster, the station there is awesome.

Rush Hour by George Segal (detail).


Hands by Nathan Sawaya (detail).

"Smile, it's free."

Just one more statue portrait, before things get a little crazy.

Raider Nerd stealing the show on our sightseeing tour on an open top bus through London.

Welcome to Wembley Stadium.

3rd row seats are good.

Last photo: The road to my favorite spot in London.

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